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Evacuation Flights

Emergency Private Jet Flights to/from Puerto Rico

Our team at Puerto Rico Jet Charter hopes everyone on the island of Puerto Rico, those with relatives on the island, and everyone involved in relief efforts is safe and secure following this week’s massive storm.

After narrowly avoiding a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico suffered devastating damage earlier this week after Hurricane Maria made landfall across the island.

While the situation is still fluid, there are millions of people without power, and the island’s power grid is expected to take several months to fully restore.

While recovery efforts begin, our team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to arrange private jet charter flights as airports re-open across the island.?Luis Mu?oz Mar?n International Airport (SJU) is expected to open later today (September 22nd, 2017), and commercial, humanitarian, and other aviation services will begin.

Private flights to/from San Juan are available

If you want to book a private flight to/from the island to pick up you, your family, or friends, we currently have access to thousands of planes ready for your flight, and we may be able to utilize a plane already heading to/from the island.

Please keep in mind that availability at the airports will be extremely limited, and will be handled on a first-come, first-serve, first-booked basis. Many arrival/departure slots will be reserved for commercial and humanitarian flights, so it’s imperative that you lock up your flight as soon as possible for better odds at receiving your preferred flight time. Also, it’s important to note that fuel at SJU and other local airport will be very limited.

Private Jet Evacuation Flights

We are currently booking flights for passenger flights, cargo flights, and humanitarian flights on privately owned jets.

Please note: these are private, full-plane charters. We are not legally able to offer tickets or seats.

Flights must be contracted and paid for by one party, and are first come, first serve. Based on our current high call volume we are unable to answer requests via the phone, and all requests must be submitted through our site, by clicking here. We are working around the clock to answer the requests in the order they were received.