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Luxury Events 2015

San Juan, Puerto Rico is alive with culture, and they have events you won’t find anywhere else, along with classics with their own little twist. There is a lot of history within San Juan, especially when it comes to their statues, parks, and castles. The variety of culture and people that make up these events is so rich, that it’s hard to choose which one to go to.

March 2015


(March 7th, 2015)

For the 5th year in a row, Puerto Rico is back for it’s only Sangria festival. Come and sample sangrias from all over the world at the Puerto Rico Convention Center. There will also be entertainment to bring the night alive. Come and enjoy some of the best tasting sangrias-a favorite drink, and a part of the Puerto Rican culture.

Flower Power

(March 23rd ? 29th, 2015)

The PLAZA in San Juan hosts the most anticipated automotive exhibition of the year. What’s intriguing about this exhibit, is that it also features colorful, floral decorations. This event attracts collectors, car lovers, flower lovers, and maybe even gardeners or florists. Everyone comes to enjoy the classic and modern Volskwagens and Porsches, surrounded by spectacular displays of flowers.

Heineken Jazz Fest

(March 26th ? 29th, 2015)

The Heineken Jazz Festival is coming to San Juan this year, featuring musicians such as David Sanchez and Eddie Palmieri. This is a popular event gathering many natives and visitors to enjoy the sweet music of jazz throughout the night. Celebrating 25 years this year, the line up is sure to be a great one:

  • Julio Alvarrado
  • Michel Camilo
  • Eddie Gomez
  • Abraham Laboriel
  • Larry Monroe
  • Eddie Palmieri
  • David Sanchez
  • Giovanni Tommaso
  • Milo Torres
  • Volcan

April 2015

Saborea Puerto Rico

(April 9th, 2015)

At Escambron Beach in early April, San Juan will be hosting Puerto Rico’s famous wine tasting event. A flavorful weekend with over 30 restaurants sporting their finest wines, rums, beers, and spirits are featured. What better way to pair these tastings than with food? Over 50 international and local culinary delicacies will also be available during the festival.

Battle of 1797 Reenactment

(April 24th ? 26th, 2015)

Have you ever been to San Juan and seen that large fortress overseeing the ocean? If you have, then you also may have seen the large gates and canons throughout. In April, you’ll get to see the fortress in action. The Battle of 1797 is reenacted annually, complete with uniformed soldiers, demonstrations of the artillery used, and parades.

May 2015

Fiesta Sensation

(May 21st -26th 2015)

This memorial day weekend, spend your vacation on a 15-acre oasis near the beautiful beach and ocean right from your room in El San Juan Resort and Casino. The fantasy pool has private cabanas, pool concierges, and live DJs playing throughout the weekend. There is also a spa and a secluded hammock garden for a little escape from it all. The nightlife will treat you to the cuisine of nine award-winning restaurants and dozens of bars, with live venues performing music.

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2015

(May 22nd ? 24th, 2015)

Comic Con is the largest convention for comic books, video games, film, and more, bringing people from all over the world to get a sneak peek at upcoming features. This May, Puerto Rico will have their own Comic Con with local and international exhibits and artists covering the floors. This entertainment event is one of the most sought after every year, comes with a ton of activities, conferences, and of course, surprises for the fandom.

Festival Nacional de La Bandera Puertorriquena

(May 22nd ? 24th, 2015)

For anyone Puerto Rican born, and feeling a little patriotic or homesick, May is the time to come back for a visit. There will be a National festival held in commemoration of Puerto Rico’s flag in late May. The festival will feature live entertainment, music, food, and a lot more.

June 2015

Gay Pride Parade

(June 1st, 2015)

Thousands of people take to the streets on June 1st in the name of Gay Pride. San Juan is a very gay-friendly city, and many people of the LGBT community and its supporters come out to celebrate during the parade. Every year, a huge crowd is drawn to the parade, and of course, what follows is an after party for all to enjoy.

San Juan Bautista Festival

(June 23rd – 24th, 2015)

In honor of the patron saint of San Juan, a festival is thrown each year. However, although the festival is based on a religious symbol, partying takes the front seat during the festival. Before you’re done partying and head home though, you need to do a little tradition for good luck. Head down to the beach, and jump backwards into the water three times. Superstitious or not, it will surely lead to a better evening.

Annual Children-Teen Salsa Congress

(June 27th ? 29th, 2015)

They say music is a language everyone can understand, and if body language has anything to say about that, then dance has a hand in language too. Salsa is a popular type of dance in Hispanic culture, but it’s rare to see the youth at ballrooms or salsa clubs, mainly because there isn’t much of a place for anyone below the drinking age to go to. Well, Edwin Rivera Productions changes that every year. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, they host an event for youth and teenage performers from around the world, as well as an after party for dancing.

July 2015

Caribbean Gaming Show and Conference

(July 8th ? 9th, 2015)

For three days, the International Gaming Industry will show off the most professional Caribbean Casinos to date. A conference for people in the business, those with a hand in this pot need to start planning their trip. There will be multiple courses and sessions for Casino members of all experience levels to join and learn something new. For entertainment, there is a beach party on the second day.

Puerto Rico Salsa Congress

(July 14th ? 18th, 2015)

Running for over 15 years, professional salsa dancers come together in San Juan this year to put on a performance like no other. The congress will last for several days, hosting workshops and exhibitions for the public. There will also be nightly dances for you to strut your stuff and show off what you’ve learned. Come and watch some excellently choreographed salsa performances.

August 2015

The Urban Professionals Network Trip

(August 7th ? 9th, 2015)

This weekend getaway is at the top of luxury life charts, and it’s obvious why. The party starts on Isla Verde Beach in San Juan, where the InterContinental San Juan Resort and Casino opens its doors, and over 300 guest rooms, 21 of which are suites, to the people for an entertaining night life. It’s a great way to mix business with pleasure; attend the concerts and live entertainment, go to the after parties, receptions, and celebrations. Singles and couples are welcomed, and there’s a couple’s retreat during this weekend as well. It’s the highlight of August.

SoFo Culinary Fest

(August 14th ? 17th, 2015)

More like a culinary feast, the SoFo festival returns to San Juan this year, sprinkling Fortaleza Street with culinary treats. Walk the streets and try something new, find a dish you might like, and feel like a connoisseur of taste for a day. Participating restaurants will be taking part in one of the most popular culinary events of the year.

The Pina Colada Fest

(August 16th, 2015)

It’s been 60 years since the Pina Colada was made the official drink of Puerto Rico. This year, they’re throwing a festival for the tasty invention at the Caribe Hilton. This is not only to celebrate the drink, but also to honor the bartender who worked at a Caribe Hilton when he developed the drink. There will also be tasting events, live music entertainment, and mixologists present.

September 2015

62nd Billfish Tournament

(September 24th ? 30th, 2015)

From all over the world, big-game anglers will be competing for the biggest catch during this tournament. This is one of the largest events in this sport in Puerto Rico. There will also be as much partying, if not more, as there will be fishing.

Coffee and Chocolate Expo

(September 26th ? 27th, 2015)

Puerto Rico is home to the largest exhibition for flavorful coffee and delectable chocolate treats. They host the largest exhibition for this pairing in the Caribbean, and aim to bring a multitude of people together each year. Families, foodies, and traders all come from around the world to enjoy the culture and flavors that Puerto Rico has to offer, especially when it comes to these two industries.


(September 27th, 2015)

For years, Erosland has brought erotic art and a variety of exhibits to the Puerto Rico convention Center. This is an adult entertainment expo, with exhibits on sex education, fetishes, erotic performances, erotic film viewings, and more. There will also be an after party to attend, so be sure to stick around.

October 2015

House of Phobias

(Weekends on October)

The House of Phobias is the largest horror house event in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This year, they’re making the journey as intense as ever. They have professionals working for them to make their attraction as realistic as possible. While waiting to enter, there is live music, as well as additional attractions to keep you entertained. As their web page puts it, have reinforced underwear.

Puerto Rico Tango Festival

(October 21st ? 25th, 2015)

Whether you’re an avid dancer, new, or even have two left feet, tango masters from all over come to this festival to host workshops and get you moving to the beat. This is a five-day festival, including social dance events at several locations around San Juan. Throughout the festival there will also be live dance shows and musical performances.

Old San Juan Pub Crawl

(October 30th ? 31st, 2015)

You may have heard of a Pub Crawl before, but crawling isn’t necessary. Usually, it’s an annual event that many people look forward to when a group of drinking buddies get together and hit up the local bars. This pub crawl has five stops, where you spend an hour at each. They give you a free shot when you arrive, and you’re welcome to converse with people, or just listen to some of the fun stories about the history of the pub. All-in-all it’s a fun night to be had.

November 2015

Divas Half Marathon

(November 8th, 2015)

This year, you can dress like a diva and run a half marathon, or a 5K for charity. Men and women are able to enter, and can run the marathon dressed in pink, complete with boas, tiaras, and new this year, tutus. Run through historical locations around San Juan, such as El Morro Castle and the old city. Only women are eligible for prizes, but men can still race for raising funds.

Puerto Rico Tipoff

(November 20th ? 23rd, 2015)

If you’re a fan of collegiate basketball, you’ll have a chance to watch the best eight teams compete in the Puerto Rico Tipoff in November. There will be twelve games over the three-day event, with each closing the gap between the two teams that will play for the championship. The Boston College Eagles, Connecticut Huskies, and six other NCAA teams will be competing in the tournament.

December 2015

Christmas Season

(December 15th ? 24th, 2015)

Christmas in San Juan lasts just about three weeks or so, way beyond the usual 12 days of Christmas Spirit. There are several events going on to attend during this time, some of which (not listed) run into January 2016:

  • Attend a Christmas Mass at Church and sing Puerto Rican Christmas Carols
  • Join the carolers
  • Have a Christmas Feast made of roasted pork, patties, rice and beans, followed by a custard desert and coquito
  • On New Year’s Eve, go to the Puerto Rico Convention Center for the fireworks show; if you’re superstitious, eat 12 grapes for good luck, sprinkle sugar outside the entrances to your home, and throw a bucket of water out the window to cast away negativity.
New Year's

(December 31st, 2015)

New Year’s Eve is one giant fiesta in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Don’t plan on sleeping, because people all around will be sleeping. In some cases, it is customary to shoot guns into the air, but it is not a widespread act.