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We consider you, your family, friends and colleagues the most precious cargo, and our primary goal is your safety.

Unfortunately, the word “safety” is carelessly thrown around in the charter industry. But we take your safety seriously and have made it our number one priority. Instead of just talking about air charter safety, we make sure your pilots and aircraft operator exceed the industry safety standards.

Safety means more than just arriving at your destination on time, although timely arrival is important. Overall safety is best achieved by utilizing a trained, expert aircraft crew on a well-maintained aircraft, careful selected after a diligent review of up-to-date aircraft reports.

We hand select air carriers that fit our criterion on every flight we arrange. We first locate an aircraft that fits your needs as far as size, fuel stops, baggage compartments and price. Once we have narrowed our search, we perform pre-flight and pre-booking checks to ensure the integrity of the carrier. In addition, we verify that their pilots have had sufficient medical exams, exceed industry standards and that they are qualified to fly the required aircraft type. All flights arranged by Air Charter Advisors are flown by two pilots unless otherwise request under special circumstances.

When arranging flights, we use FAR Part 135 air carriers, which are certified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and that carry a substantial insurance policy.

What does all of this mean to you? When you allow us to arrange your flight, you can be sure that it will be operated by a company which meets and exceeds top standards in the industry.

The Air Charter Advisors are a WYVERN Premium Broker Member. This is an additional step we have added to our internal safety due diligence procedures.


Have you ever wondered who your jet charter broker REALLY is? We can’t tell you about the other charter brokers, but we can ensure you that our business practices are ethical and transparent. Feel proud to tell your business partners, friends and family who you are working with. The Air Charter Advisors are second to none.

How do you know that you can REALLY trust just anyone with your family’s, friends, and business associates personal information/trip details, or their lives for that matter? Your reasoning behind flying private may solely be to protect this information and your loved ones.

You are putting your life in someone else hands, trusting that they have arranged a safe aircraft for your trip without cutting any corners. Are you prepared to send a large payment via Bank Wire, copies of your drivers license, passports and trip details to an individual that may have a record including fraudulent activity?

In order to work for the Air Charter Advisors team, we require all employees AND 1099 contractors to undergo a pre-employment screening to assess their integrity. These screenings may include the following checks: National Criminal Search, National Sex Offender Check, Terrorist Watch List (OFAC), Address History, AKA Names, Lawsuits, Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcies Search, Associates, FAA & Watercraft.

Don’t just trust anyone, call Air Charter Advisors.